News: Mexican Drug Lords Go Back to (Medieval) Basics

Mexican Drug Lords Go Back to (Medieval) Basics

As a Los Angeles resident, I appreciate the Mexican immigrants. They work hard. They get the job done. That said, let the Colombians spend $1,000,000 on a fancy Narco sub. The Mexican-style medieval catapult is much more resourceful:

"A 3-yard-tall catapult was found about 20 yards from the U.S. border on a flatbed towed by a sport utility vehicle, according to a Mexican army officer with the 45th military zone in the border state of Sonora. The catapult was capable of launching 4.4 pounds of marijuana at a time, the officer said, speaking on condition of anonymity for security reasons.

Soldiers seized 35 pounds of marijuana, the vehicle and the catapult device. The smugglers left the area before they could be captured." - KVOA

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Now I want to see US border patrol agents to dress up as the Black Knight and shout "None shall pass!" at anyone...

What sort of range are we talking here? Depending it could make this out to be stupid or ingenious.

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