How To: Trim your small plant in 10 days

Trim your small plant in 10 days

It's time to cut and prune your week old plant. Watch this horticulture tutorial video that explains how to trim your small plant in 10 days to make it a healthy bush. This video shows you how to get rid of the older leaves and top the plant so that you can shape it into a nice bush. Check out this award winning video that will help you grow your own marijuana plant. See actual progress of our Green Room cycle. Whatever you may call it - the icky sticky, ganja, reefer, cannabis, pot, weed or maryjane, this marijuana growing video will help you cultivate your pot plants like a pro.

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daaamn thas hella big fer 1o days how you getm big

good day from Canada you happen to know how to deal with powdery mildew on the leaves?and advice would be a great help

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