How To: How to use an Aerochamber Mask

How to use an Aerochamber Mask

All inhalers are different. Sometimes, you may be prescribed something called an aerochamber mask to help control your breathing. This video will show you how to use one, step by step.
You Will Need:
an Aerochamber mask inhaler

Step 1
Remove the caps from the mouthpiece on the inhaler.

Step 2
Put the inhaler mouthpiece into the wider rubber-sealed end of the aerochamber

Step 3
Shake the inhaler and aerochamber, this mixes the medication properly.

Step 4
Hold the mask to the face so that both the nose and mouth are covered. It is important to create a good seal between the face and the mask so that all medication will be delivered to the airways.

Step 5
Press the inhaler once. The medication will be delivered into the aerochamber.

Step 6
Breathe in and out at least 6 times. The diapragm should move with each breath.

Step 7
Remove the mask from the face. If you need a second puff repeat steps 3-6.

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