How To: Tell when to harvest to marijuana plants

Tell when to harvest to marijuana plants

When growing medical marijuana you need to know when to harvest to get the best product. This will tell you how. For this you need two things; scissors and 30-100x zoom lens microscope with a built in light on it.

When you think that your plants are getting close to harvest time go to your garden and clip off a bud of a plant. Get your microscope ready and find a nice crystallized section of the bud. The bottom is good because it is a nice surface to look at.

When you look you will see mushroom shaped trichomes what we see as the crystals with the naked eye. About a 50-50 spread of amber colored and clear crystals is what you are looking for. If there are too many clear ones then the marijuana is not ready, if there are too many amber colored then your marijuana may be past the time to harvest.

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Tahnks for the info,it will come in handy.

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