How To: Smoke cigars for beginners

Smoke cigars for beginners

Cigar expert Hiro Shimada demonstrates how to smoke a cigar for beginners. This consists of 3 basic steps: cutting the cigar, lighting the cigar, and smoking the cigar. First, he explains that you should cut the tip of the cigar between the 1st and 2nd of 3 lines. Next, he recommends that you use a gas-lighter instead of a match because it's much easier to control the flame this way. Light the outside part of the end of the cigar, being careful to not light the center. This helps to avoid overheating the cigar and causing it to taste bitter. Now you're ready to begin smoking. After breathing in the smoke each time, he suggests that you breathe out lightly to expel the bitter smoke and retain the true taste of the cigar. As an added tip, he talks about how to properly hold the cigar. He doesn't place a lot of emphasis on this point, but mentions the "V" and "3 finger styles". He recommends the Montecristo No. 4 as the best cigar for beginners and that you should find a taste or style you like and find other cigars with similar tastes. Finally, he recommends smoking cigars with friends at a bar because of the increased air circulation.

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