How To: Smoke a bong for the first time

Smoke a bong for the first time

What's up friends. In this tutorial video, I show you all the steps to smoking a bong: breaking the bud, packing the bowl, getting the right amount of water, gauging the size of your hit, and a little smoking etiquette. This is a helpful tutorial on how to hit a bong for beginners. Sometimes newbies take too hard of a hit the first time they smoke a bong.

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your tutorial is so helpful. like the person who made the request i only smoke blunts and have never used a water pipe. also the information about how much water was helpful. keep up the good work!

Haha loving it dude. You're so obviously stoned by the end of it. Haha
What #$%@ were you smoking?
Across The Universe... #$%@ing amazing movie man. Watch that #$%@ when you're high!

ace, big help haha, btw whats the song when your first hittin?

hey dude
i burnt my eyelashes on my new bong what the hell am i doing wrong? when i light it the lighter is really hot on my face can u help me?

keep doing what your doing

that was great. sick music. and nice roor!

nice man, thanks a bunch.

yeah very helpful keep up the good work.

gotta try bongs next time =)

Thanks man that was super helpful.

Sweet man your a #$%@in tripper

this was an awsome tutorial, thanks man, now you should hit a gravity bong

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