How To: Set up a hookah for a pleasant smoke

Set up a hookah for a pleasant smoke

In this how to video, Carmen from the Sahara Smoke company will give you a quick introduction and set up information on hookahs. In this example, we will be using a Sahara Cyclone. This is a medium sized vase. You will need a medium sized stem. These come in many different hose options. You also have a down stem, which fits into the vase and into the water. The next piece is the top where the bowl sits. You will also have a charcoal tray. This is where the charcoal shall be placed. The bowl fits on top of the very top of your stem. The grommets are also included. These keep the vase and stem air tight. The bowl grommet allows the bowl to be air tight. The hose grommets go on the tips of the hoses. Lastly, you have synthetic leather hoses. First, place water into the vase. Make sure you put the perfect amount in, otherwise you will either suck in water through the hose or create harsh smoke. Next, build the stem by placing the down stem and screwing it into the bottom. The water should reach about half an inch on the down stem. Next, place the stem grommet on. Make sure it is tight. Now place it into the vase. Place the charcoal tray on the top. Take the top piece and screw it in. The bowl grommet will go on top of this. Place the bowl on top. Next, put in the grommets of the hose in and connect them to the hookah. Do this for each hose. Now your hookah is constructed.

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