How To: Roll a Perfect Cone Joint, Every Time

Roll a Perfect Cone Joint, Every Time

Follow along with me here as I demonstrate how to roll a perfect, Amsterdam-style cone spliff, every single time. These will burn perfectly all the way down to the crutch and smoke perfectly. It's no secret as to why this method is the favorite way to smoke among true European cannabis smokers.

Materials Needed:

  • King Size Papers (Raw/Elements)
  • Tips
  • Grinder
  • Tobacco
  • Cannabis
  • Tray/Bowl/Paper

Watch the Video Tutorial...

Shot with a Canon 60D. Music by Fashawn.

Step 1 Grind

Grind up your weed win a grinder and empty the contents into dish/tray/paper.

Step 2 Mix

Mix in the tobacco to a fine smoking mixture.

Step 3 Roll

Roll crutch and place in left-hand side of paper.

Step 4 Fill

Add the weed/tobacco mixture and pack evenly in paper.

Step 5 Tuck

Roll one up and pay attention to the tuck! Don't use a lot of force or saliva. All about crisp cleanliness here.

Step 6 Smoke

Yep. You know how to do this step.

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1 Comment

Interesting clip. I've rolled cones for many years with ganja only. Tobacco makes me retch. Damned European thing. The cone appears to be rolled left handed. I always roll starting on the right. I've always found it easier to insert the crutch after the cone is rolled and tamped. If the small end is rolled loosely, inserting the mouthpiece helps to pack it firmly.

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