How To: Roll a marijuana joint XXXL style

Roll a marijuana joint XXXL style

Sometimes you just want to go big. Try this style of rolling blunts called the xxxl way.
Even if you are not xxxl your marijuana joints will be.

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why are you cutting with cigarrettes?

I like this song.. who is it by? I want it :)

someone smoke a blunt wit me!!!!

i will

you are a pro

WTF dont cut it with tabacco

you ruined it by mixing tabacco! wtf mate?

DUDE! wat if u cut it with SALVIA! that would b some #$%@ 2 try

Thanks for the video. You've got some nice rolling skills. Loving the song aswell!

nice #$%@ broo. lets smoke some magic herbs....

dats one hellava joint

That my friends, is the definition of a CANNON! It'll blow you sky high...

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