How To: Roll the holy cross blunt joint from Pineapple Express

Roll the holy cross blunt joint from Pineapple Express

This video provides a step-by-step guide on how to roll the CROSS BLUNT version of the cross joint from Pineapple Express. You will need two cigarillos, one blunt wrap pack, and weed. Watch this video tutorial and learn how to roll a joint in a cross shape, and smoke your pot in style, like in Pineapple Express.

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nice, worked really well with extra wide papers... makn those holes in the side of the longer one was a real bitch though.. took a few times to really get it down

i'll have to try it

sweet imma go try it right now

wats the name of the song...that is played behind the video

the cross blunt thats whats up

The song is 2 joints originally by Bob Marley but has been done more recently by Sublime

this isn't sublimes version though

if you cut the short blunt ends like half circles and put them on the outside instead of the inside it seals better and you don't have to waste as much gum sealing it that way you have more gum for the next one which is much appreciated other than that if it hits good leave it as it is

sounds delicious, we are in the process right now! =]

When he was smoking it you could see it worked hella

this video is not working!!!


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