How To: Roll a herbilicious blunt the proper way

Roll a herbilicious blunt the proper way

Okay, a blunt is usually a cigar that's size fits right in-between a traditional cigar and a cigarillo, but in today's world, it's more commonly referred to as marijuana rolled up in tobacco product wrapping, like a cigar shell.

This video tutorial will show you step-by-step how to roll a herbilicious blunt the proper way. First, you'll need a cigar, then you'll need some weed. LIck your cigar, pinch the leaf off, take the leaf off, use your drink to keep the leaf wet, split your cigar, separate the shell from the tobacco, put the herbs in the shell, spread all nice like, pack those herbs up tight, roll it and lick it all together, take the leaf off of the beverage, lay it out and roll it on nice and tight, tear off any excess leaf and ENJOY!

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yo that #$%@ sucks. BUFF

that #$%@ sucked!!! i can roll better than that!! that's embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!

use a #$%@in blunt wrap u cheap basterd its 2 for 1

Ya it was a ugly looking blunt for sure.

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