How To: Quickly make a gravity bong

Quickly make a gravity bong

This video shows the fastest and easiest way to make a gravity bong. To make a gravity bong: Get any plastic bottle that is full of water and a bucket. Make sure that the bucket is wider than the plastic bottle. Empty the bottle. Pour the water into the bucket. Cut the bottom of the plastic bottle. Create a foil bowl to fit inside of the bottle opening. Make sure that it is tight. Poke some holes on the foil bowl. Put weed into the foil bowl. Put the bottle inside the bucket but make sure that you remove the foil bowl first. Put the foil bowl back into the bottle. Light the weed and draw the bottle up. Watch the water pull the smoke into the bottle. Make the smoke as chalky as you desire and when the bottle is almost completely empty of water and full of smoke, take the foil bowl off and suck the smoke in. Bring your nose, not your mouth, closer to the top of the bottle. Push the bottle back to water for more smoke to come out.

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