How To: Pass a marijuana drug test

Pass a marijuana drug test

Learn how to pass a drug test whether it's a random drug test tomorrow or an employment drug test a month away.

First step: Forget about all the myths. Detox drinks do not work. Vinegar & Bleach don't work and they are dangerous! The following methods will help: AZO cranberry, lots of water, high protein, low fat foods, and exercising & seating.

I'm 26. Before I was self employed, I worked 22 jobs, so I became very familiar with drug testing. I never failed a drug test on any of the jobs that tested. I'm naturally skinny, which helps, but I've always used the methods in this guide and passed and if I didn't have a week or two to quit and get clean before the test, I would just use synthetic urine which I had to do twice and passed both times without any problems. When I first became self employed and was bored at home, I decided to test all these methods on home tests I purchased just to see if it was luck or not. I passed them all as long as I had a few days or a week to follow the methods.

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the only way to pass a urine drug test EVERY time is with substitution ..

does not work!! i"m from holland i know

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