How To: Make a waterfall bong with cheap, household items

Make a waterfall bong with cheap, household items

How to make a Waterfall Bong, using simple household items. It includes my mistakes and problems, but it will entertain and educate. I promise.

You will need a lighter, scissors, a two liter pop bottle, marijuana, tin foil and a pin. Follow these simple instructions to make your own cheap waterfall bong.

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broooo quit livin at your parents house and get your own place and smoke inside

he looks 17 hows he gunna move out buddy lol

dude funny as #$%@ but theres a lot easyer way to make a gravity bong u use a 10 gallon bucket 2 litter bottle and u cut 5 big holes at the bottom of the 2 litter then u do the tinfoil bowl and put the 2 litter bottle in the 10 gallon bucket of water and when the 2 litter bottle is full of water add ur weed light it up and pull it up slowly gives ur more smoke l8r

ummm just drill a hole in the cap off the 2 liter and use and a actual bowl from a bong, then step 2, toss out the dirt weed and get yourself some greens your lungs will thank you and so will your taste buds, plus smoking tin foil greatly increases your chances for getting Alzheimer's as it is a direct cause just ask any local tweaker in your town.

come to south carolina the hardcore dopeheads'll show you how to make a gravity bong

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