How To: Make a waterfall bong from a Sobe bottle

Make a waterfall bong from a Sobe bottle

Learn how to make a SobeWaterfall bong. The video shows us how to make a smoking device.

To make up the smoking device, first we need few tools: they are Lighter, Hammer, Screw driver, SoBe bottle, tin foil, ratchet socket. Firstly, remove the SoBe bottle cap from the bottle and remove the plastic cover from underneath the cap. Then take the hammer and make a hole in the cap. With the help of the hammer and screw driver, make a hole in the bottom of the bottle where there is a stylistic indent. Then take a pencil and poke few holes on the tinfoil. Pack the socket with the smoke and use paper as other things like weed are toxic in nature and are illegal to use them. Fill the SoBe bottle with water, covering the hole you made at the beginning with your finger. Place the packaging with paper socket on top the screwed on cap with the hole that's the intake hole. Now light the paper and release the finger that's covering the hole at the bottom releasing the water, this will start producing the smoke. After sometime, the water will go off and the bottle will be filled with smoke. Remove the finger and inhale the smoke and enjoy the different flavor.

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