How To: Make a water bong with a water bottle

Make a water bong with a water bottle

Tutorial on how to make a water bottle bong. This time I show you how to make a water bong the fast and easy way with materials you can find around the house.

You will need:
a bottle
a paper clip
a lighter
a hollowed out Bic pen
wrench heads
marijuana or tobacco

Clearly explained tutorial on how to make a cheap & easy water bottle bong.

Songs Used:
Crucial Conflict - Hay Back (remix)
The Toyes - Smoke Two Joints

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What do you mean by a "wrench head"?

he means a small socket wrench head

haha yee i make these all the time xD
u can even roll a joint and put a joint in hollowed out pen or w.e :P
then fill up ur bong and take a massive hit :D
i did it with a milk jug before, that gets you #$%@ed :D

freggin sweetXD

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