How To: Make a vaporizer out of common household items

Make a vaporizer out of common household items

This tutorial is about making a home made vapouriser with a light bulb.You will require knife,light bulb,bottle cap,a small tube and screwdriver.With the knife slowly and evenly pry the metal tip away from its ceramic base.After you bend the tip away from the ceramic base you can pry it out completely.Now use the knife and apply pressure to the centre hole,twisting the knife will help crack he ceramic base.After you crack the ceramic, remove the rest of the ceramic by twisting the knife and scraping arround the metal.Use the screwdriver to break the inner glass and tungsten wires and empty the inner porton.Wash the bulb inside and outside well with soap and hot water.With the screwdriver or knife make a hole into the bottle cap so that the tube fit in snugly,if it is loose use another cap.Grind or cut the herbs and place it inside the bulb.Screw the bottle cap to the metal base of the bulb and your vapouriser is complete.To use place a flame 1" below the base of the bulb,vapour will slowly fill the glass bulb and can be sucked in through the tube.

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