How To: Make a true marijuana cigarette (aka joint)

Make a true marijuana cigarette (aka joint)

Here is a tutorial on making a Marijuana or Tobacco Cigarette from standard packs of cigarettes, great if you don't have any blunts lying around or any other types of pieces.

You will need:
weed or tobacco
paper clips
something to make a roach with (index cards)
a lighter

This is a detailed tutorial that will help you roll a professional joint. Practice makes perfect.

Songs Used:
Cypress Hill-Hits From The Bong
Rick James-Mary Jane

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Bull#$%@, i know better than him, #$%@ing waste of time

WTF is that 6 min. to make amarijuana cigarette

u r so slow maaaaan

Thanks for the tutorial but no offence mate, that was poor. You do exactly what I do exept you took a long ass time and then you didn't even make it look like a real cigarette 'cause you ripped the end off. If that's the case, why not just roll your own in half the time? lol


am not suprised hes on his own
i wouldnt smoke with him

#$%@ way to go about it.LooooSer

why couldnt you just take a rolling cigarette and roll it than do all that

i can make the same joint in less than 2 minutes... you dont know how to empty a cigarette and how to fill it... your pathetic...


haha sucked

Why not just roste it, tear it apart and roll the mother#$%@er?

here in morocco we do it in 10 seconds

all ya bull#$%@tttt!
i made my first evr joint in less then 10 sec n that looks too sleek n good n the taste is out of the world n i did it with just a marlbore stick, weed,n rice paper strip.........y u making it hell of a project like the ship to the tenth planet.......chill out guys!

Dude! What's a marlbore? And seriously?? 10 secs? Have you really made one?

hahahahaha, loser!

i think i gonna do it bit easier way :D

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