How To: Make a soda can pipe

Make a soda can pipe

This video explains how to make a bong pipe out of a soda can. You will need an empty soda can and a piece of sandpaper. Remove the metal cap tab from the can and bend it until it breaks. You will need the piece with the two sharp ends later. On the side you drink out of, flatten out the top part. Now, start to form the walls of the can (this will be the bowl) by pinching the edges. Take the piece of sandpaper and sand away the paint in the bowl of the can so you don't get that paint in your lungs. Next, use the piece of the tab, the one with the two sharp ends, to poke about seven holes in the bowl, close together, and poke another hole on the side of the can near the bottom. Widen that hole by twisting the piece of tab. Your bong is now complete. Pour the substance you are using onto the holes and light away. This video shows how to make a bong from readily available materials.

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