How To: Make a non-toxic clay pipe for smoking marijuana

Make a non-toxic clay pipe for smoking marijuana

How to Make a non-toxic clay pipe for smoking marijuana

We are taught how to make a non-toxic pipe using baking clay and an eyelet and socket. First you form a bowl out of the clay with your hands. When thats done you poke a hole on the top to form the bowl, then a hole on the side towards the bottom to create the shaft for the pipe. Freeze it. While that's being froze the shaft of the pipe can be made. Rolling the clay the longer piece is formed. The inside is hallowed out. Blow through it to make sure its usable. Attach the long piece to the bowl. Smooth it out for a smooth finish and to make air tight. Freeze and check every ten minutes to make sure its still air tight. Bake in oven. After its done backing rinse. Put the eyelet or socket in the (optional). And there you have a personalized clay pipe.


Question: do you not need a carb for this pipe to function properly? I'm new to making pipes, and that was something a friend told me.

I know its been a while since you posted the question, but you don't really need one, although it is better than not. its like having a bong with no way to pull out the joint.

but less wasteful.

What i'm curious about are the different kinds of heat resistant clays you can buy without having to use a kiln, or finishes that you can use to make something more heat resistant.

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