How To: Make a marijuana pipe in under 3 minutes

Make a marijuana pipe in under 3 minutes

This how to video shows you how to make a pipe in under three minutes. First, you will need a large nut, a piece of window screen, a mechanical pencil or pen, and electrical tape. First, cut the screen into a square shape and fit it on top of the nut. Next, attach the empty pen or pencil to the nut. Make sure you wash the nut and screen before you use it. Secure the pen or pencil with the electrical tape. This is useful if you cannot afford to buy a real glass pipe of your own. You are now ready to use your pipe.

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very cool. simple and to the point. i personally like having a collection of homeade pieces more than bought pieces. gives you the 'true stoner' feel, knowing you can make your own pieces. i'll have to try this out. (: thanks.

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