How To: Make a homemade shotgun bong

Make a homemade shotgun bong

In this video made by the 420 Ganja Channel, two individuals demonstrate how you can make a homemade shotgun bong. The materials they used were 2 plastic soda bottle, scissors, a can opener, an X-acto knife, and a smoking pipe. First, they took the paper of the first bottle and cut the bottom off around the lower line. They took the paper off the second bottle and cut the bottle in half with the knife. Then they put the bottle together by the two parts they cut off so that the tops were facing out. Then they removed one of the lids and used the X-acto knife to make a hole in the middle. Once that was done, they took the pipe apart and inserted the metal pipe into the hole. They screwed the bowl back on the pipe once they had the top screwed back on the bottle. Finally, they took the top off the other side of the soda bottle and explained exactly how to use the shotgun bong.

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