How To: Make an electric marijuana pipe for cheap

Make an electric marijuana pipe for cheap

How to make an electric shotgun machine marijuana pipe for less then 20 bucks from things found in local stores.

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or you could get a blunt for $1.25

yeah....WEEDD!!!! YEAH NIGGGA, THASSSSS WASSSUP. leagalize it legailze it l


epic, epic fail.

you gotta be a tweaker to think up something like that

you should have made it a lil better if your making a video of it. It was a good idea but the video sucked i will have to profect it

Just can't see it...................

Cool idea atleast it proves pot dosn't make you dumb. I did somthin simular with a rainbow vacume only thing is it burns up about a oz.or two a minute. great for large events though. Three cheers and a blunt up for mary420. hell I like you, you can come over to my house and smoke my bong anytime.

great idea but too time consuming to make...
besides water pipes can be modded to do the same thing...

i could do that with just i tube and it would take less time

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