How To: Make a drug vaporizer with a light bulb

Make a drug vaporizer with a light bulb

You need hydrogen peroxide, a light bulb, scissors, duct tape, a straw and a water bottle to construct this drug vaporizer.

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check this one out, very inventive

I just wonder just how much flame heat can that bulb take????

Bulbs can take alot but the heat needed to heat the thc is so low that the bulb should only be warm to the tuch

tried this...i find it makes it horrible tasting...really drpill?maybe i should just,touch the flame gently

I'm trying it. I have vaped before and ye!!!! it works and I am useing swag. Wayyyy beter than payin over $100. for a smokeshop vape. Thanks for the savins and now I know how to make my hash last longer

mmm i do not know about that its a bit to smokey 4 a vap vap p s giblet tucherz

No chemicals keep it clean form the earth try a high dose of kardom (ithink that how u spell it ) it is sapose to be natural meth (that #$%@s going to kill you rock) it made with like gas and some crazy #$%@ed up #$%@, live long but have fun there is a plant for every thing. Any
one want to know more mail Go plants

please teach me how to making ephedrine out of the cold tablet

Is this safe? lol.

u can also use salt to clean the blub out.

whyd you put 2 holes in it?
and is that just a straw you're using?

Peroxide will vapourise and flashover if you don't allow it to evaporate before igniting or BOOM goes your face!. And Peroxide tastes awful too. Scour the empty bulb out with fine sand or gravel instead.

Nice Immortal Technique kicks ass.

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