How To: Make a cheap water bong

Make a cheap water bong

All you need is a water bottle, a razor, some tape and a small socket. First of all, you have to cut a small piece of tubing and measure it to find out where you want it on your bottle. Use a marker to trace around it and then cut the portion along inside. After you're done with that make sure that the tube will fit in. After that, you will need to cut another small hole where you are going to hold it in your hand. In the next step, you'll need six or seven inches of plastic tube that should go into your socket. If it's not fit, use tape and wrap around the tube and the socket to tighten up. After that, make sure that it fits into the bottle. Push it all the way to the bottom and mark the spot with the marker at the point where it stops. The wrap again with tape so that everything you inhale will stay in the bottle. After that, you're done! That's your bong.

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