How To: Make a bamboo bong

Make a bamboo bong

Learn how to make a bamboo bong with this video tutorial. You will need a piece of bamboo, a hand saw, a long drill bit (1. 5 feet long), a drill, some aquarium tubing, tape, a socket, and a permanent marker. The first step is to cut the bamboo piece to the desired length you want it to be. Attach the drill bit to the drill and drill a hole into the top center of the bamboo piece. Also drill a hole along the side of the bamboo piece. You want to make the holes the same size as the aquarium tubing. Use your tape to cover up the hole. Take about six inches of the aquarium tubing along with some tape and wrap the tape around one side of the tubing. On this same side of the tape, attach a socket to it. The last step is to insert the tubing into the side hole of your bamboo piece.

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