How To: Make an apple bowl for smoking pot

Make an apple bowl for smoking pot

Here is a tutorial on how to make the classic apple bowl. Very easy tutorial. The apple is a great, natural, tasty way to smoke pot. It is also simple & cheap. Make your own DIY bowl.

You will need:
an apple
a spoon
something small like a hollowed bic pen
a shish kebab stick (can also use toothpicks or whatever)
marijuana or tobacco
a lighter

Songs Used:
Three6Mafia - I'm So High

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haha im so doing this

i got stoned an tried it with a banana no good haha

it works but the apple no no dont eat it
i took a chunk out of it it tast like #$%@ nasty but it worked nice works but not the

yo i will totaly be doing this man, thanks

damn thizz is awesome.
though. the apple kinda gets #$%@ed up1 lol

your such a cutie.
this is the best video on how to make one :)

Ah I was so confused when my friend tried to explain this to me with just words. Thanks bro

thats unhealthy plz dont do it u will die

have u seen ny1 die till date???anyways its really good...

I'm not sure about eating the apple.

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