How To: Help your child use an inhaler with a spacer

Help your child use an inhaler with a spacer

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children demonstrates how to help a child use an inhaler with a spacer device. A spacer device is helpful for children who cannot coordinate taking a breath with pushing down the top of the inhaler. First, wash your hands. Then, remove the cover from the inhaler mouthpiece. Hold the inhaler upright and shake it. Next, put the inhaler mouthpiece into the end of the spacer. Then, hold the spacer at a 45 degree angle while you insert it into your child's mouth. Depress the top of the inhaler to administer the dose of medicine. Then, have your child breathe in deeply five to ten times. If you need to administer another dose, wait a few seconds. Once finished, remove the inhaler form the spacer, replace the inhaler mouthpiece cover. Be sure to keep the inhaler and spacer together with you but remember to keep them out of direct sunlight.

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