How To: Feel high without taking drugs

Feel high without taking drugs

Ever wanted to know what its like to hallucinate? This video gives you the visual effects without the medication. It's great for when getting high on life isn't enough, but you've got no money, an NA promise, an upcoming drug test, or some other reason for sobriety to keep you from dabbling with the real pharmaceutical mind-altering deal. Watch this in full screen mode and turn away from the video when instructed to look at anything you want. The results are amazing!

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at first i thought this wouldn't work, then it did!

yes ,me too

im baked right now did that and it made for a terrific "trip" haha

I'm not sure the guys who made this video have ever been high though.

you're right. nothing like the real thing. lol.

wow you must do your cool...NOT!

its acid trip not from weed you sissy

kinda, if you've ever taken melatonin or other halucinagens its kinda like that

yeah but real drugs actually last more then 2.2 seconds, this is bull#$%@ !

Not really drug like, but messes with your vision in a cool way!

Works great on a 30" screen!

works better with drugs, but fun none the less.

how long does it last

when i did it it lasted about 2 or 3 minutes

I've seen fuzzy visual distortions, like the one caused by this video, on Mushrooms. So it kind of emulates some aspect of a drug induced state, particularly hallucinogens.

The effect of this video only seems to last a couple of seconds though. Try looking at it for a 10 seconds and then looking away at whatever. You can keep repeating it over and over again. There's no need to watch the whole thing to get the effect.

its true, it works, and it works even better if you are hi already- try it

i love this on its awsome who ever did it rock on

Done mush many times, and the warping, bending alterations are almost identical to the behaviour of flat surfaces during a medium to high dose trip.

5 caps out of 5


That was so weird but cool!!!!!

ahh..everything looks so...wiggly~ fufufu

thats is soo awsome it lasts for about 30 sec
burt it is a trippy 30 sec

nice! yh everything looks odd for a while!

nice man!!! tottally worked, wow im in suck a buzz rite now!

trippy but lacks some highness attributes

yea, would be much better if you ate a couple grams of blue meanies but its ok...

mine dosent get full screen??

thx man i added it to my favorits,i will show my brother

2 Bags of gold paint 8 snifs of gasoline 3 cigs and watching movie
makes you puke its awsome!!!

when u look away it feels like the walls r closing in on u lol cool but not like the real stuff

ahahah #$%@ top

Say no to drugs! Say yes to this video!

This be serious !!!!!and i really feel like u takin drugs

I don't do drugs and this is definately not serious. It's a fun optical affect though!

dude loved it! im gonna go again!!

yeah im pretty sure thats not what being high is like.

everything gets wavy... i saw a spiderman poster after doing it... it looked like its underwater!

what the f*ck s this!!!!!!!!!

this video is the #$%@

check out your fingers. They look like they are breathing and like snakes.

OMFG, ... wish it wold a lasted longer

that was sooooo cool
totally awesome!

when you all looked away did your wall seem wavy? lol

i looked away and my wall did a wave type thing straight across lol

I looked at my keyboard, and all the keys were doing like a mexican wave... FREAK ME OUT, HOW COOL IS THIS!!!! I've never seen anything like this before, totally awesome!!

um...idk if this is just because I use to have a brain tumor and i'm still affected by it but...most of the time (when i'm sober) i can just stare at a wall or anything and blink a lot and I get the same effet for as long as i'm awake

crazy for a while

I'll visual!


For an optical illusion? Geesh, times really are getting bad...

OMG.. What an Idiot, you obviously did it to you SINNER. Just because you didnt like it dont make it any better! SINNER..Your going to Hell because you watched a video!lol

come on just because you believe in something doesn't mean it's #$%@ing true. I don't care whether i believe sometime spiritual or not but dispense threats with religion is weak. In addition to that i'm pretty certain God won't hate you for looking at an optical illusion, where does it say in the bible that even drugs is prohibited. Don't let what your CHURCH believe or people in your church make your morals that God hasn't already gave you.

wow wtf just chill out man how the HELL would we not go to heavan just bcuz we watch a video or go to hell because we watch the vid on the internet like come on you really think we are all goin to hell cause we watch a video that plays a trick on your mind since that all it is. just calm the #$%@ down bout it

What a dumbass.

Ok moron heres how it is. There is no right or wrong. It is only howe you see it as right/wrong. If you were born and nobody told you anything was good/bad or right/wrong you wold have no conscience. Your mind has accepted the beliefs of those around you. If you weren't so weak youy could hold up against this. Nevertheless by the time most of us have realized this society has screwed our mind up. Have a Nice Day.

Geeze, cool your jets. I am a Christian and I do expect to go go to Heavan... even though I watched the video 10 times :) You sound like my grandmother!

I also don't plan on going to jail. Even if you did the REAL thing, you could still go to Heavan. CHILL!

You spelled "idiot" wrong, idiot. ;)

I have had better.

Ok, Let me do it again.

DUDE THAT WAS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol wow that was intense but i wish it could last longer but still its really kool and ya i agree its still is better wit real drugs :)

its just an optical illusion

hmmm.... it will really works if you try the real one and then try to watch this video after....... youll gettin HIGH FOR A WEEKS... and some head ache.... hahahahahahahhahahahhaha...............

Kinda reminds me of smoking a bowl. Its the high without the feeling. Feels like you do after you smoke pot and your vision is messed up for a bit! Niccce!

that wazzzz awsome

ljdsaha lha lhiula

NEATO!!! only lasted for lyk 10 sec


i look at my cat its like its going to explode

it made my head and throght hurt so dam frikken much and i looked away like 0:22 from it, my cousin saw too and she went like hyper after that

my big sister tried it and she just closed her eyes hard(it hurted her eyes)and it was gone (she said that she looked at stuff more that 13 secs o-o)

lol that was pretty cool...which it lasted all day though


du?c dó

thats so fun, love the music <3

OMFG THATS AWESOME I looked into a mirror and like my immage was comming in closer and then I looked at the mirror itself and it was like spinning then I went to grab the phone to call and show my friend when the phone started to fade away thats trippy,

But I like it. :D

it works better if you have insomnia. =\

Thats pretty cool!

WOW... that was pretty cool.i agree with most of the comments its not even close to really getting high but its still really eyes still feel

oh almost see it in full screen just click on the youtube link...i had to

The music itself is a High!!!
But this is trip high! w/out the drugs.
I'm not into drugs... but, this is a TRIP!!! lol.:P
Everything was wavy. I will pass it on.
I've added this 1.. 2.. 1 of my fav's

this is for the moralistic spokesman of God Himself - being a church leader myself, I find your arrogant and inflammatory statements both offensive to intelligent people and to the church as a whole. Your views are just that - YOUR views and in no way should be ever think yourself great enough to spek on behalf of, or for, the church body or Our Lord God. This, as I see it, is clearly a bit of pasttime fun, with no intent, infered meaning, damage or leading tendencies to do anything other than look at a flickering object and experience a normal physiological response explained well by biology. If "your god" does not like it or condems this sort of behaviour, I suggest you maybe find another, because our God also has a sense of humour and actually enjoys seeing us laugh and having innocent fun by discovering more about our own bodies. Be careful what you say in future - your ideas may well turn many people away from the church. Relax and think! Rev. x

Trippy. Not evan close to a Marijuana High though. And if you say it is...your stupid.And if you think it's "WRONG" to look at this...What are you evan doing on a computer? and forther more...why are you watching this?....Think before you speak/type next time...cause your only wasting my time, and your's. Think it out...before.... you bring it out; ya dig?? .

that was cool not like being high though lol


yeah 4 5secs it last 4 me everythng was gettng dizzy for me m high....
good trick........

Any way to make this last???

It cool but it danger for your eye if you watch it more 3 time each day

li67ydtruytiutyxtroiuto87tuigvo8yt sorry lost myself in the video

I looked over at a photo what a cool little trip,it did some wierd stuff,highly recomend

thats so fun me and my bro did it it lasts about 15 to 20 secondes realy good

Wow everyone need to stop saying how its 'not anything like the real thing cause im pretty sure 99% of you who put it hasnever even seen drugs in real life so stop acting like your all that! NO ONE CARES!

I agree u who say u have takin the real stuff are probably retarted 40 year olds living in ur moms basement tryin to look like ur all that :D

That is pretty freaky. It totally works.

Well. it makes you have fuzzy vision. Nothing like high though. Reminds me of when i take half a vicodin for minor pain relief so my reflexes arent screwed with tho.

look at your skin afterwards lol XD

ha iv never got high befor ......thanx to this vid i dont hav to now

meh, it was "wiggly" for 3 seconds...

try it with drugs for better effect.. just dont fall

Yeah add some drugs to this #$%@

you brainiacs its only an optical illusion

gayest thing ever wtf DIDNT WORK

hey can any1 help me out how 2fix my ps3.i was playing resistance1 when my ps3 turn off. now when i try 2turn it on the light goes green then light green then it turns off.heeeellllppp

it worked for like 5 seconds, but it was cool though

i thought something was going to jump out, that was pretty cool though.

i think i had a mini seizure

that was awsome O_O

kool!!! that works!!! but it makes ur eyes to water

Dude its awesome, great job!

its alright, not like being high. it only lasted 30 seconds!

damnnnnnnnnnnn it worked for awhile but now i got a major headache

lol yea its tight but its nothing like the REAL THING,being high is way better but thanks tho it was freaky!

can someone please answer this if i look at it for twice as much will it be twice as strong or something worked

It's cool, it does mess with your vission, but it didnt last for minuites for me... more like 2 or 3 seconds...

how to get high without weed


Either you'll a bunch a little kids or you's are really still dizzy or "naturally high" cuz alot of people cant spell hahahaha cool thou cuz it worked i looked at a blanket & i thought the room was spinning nice!!

and thats being high???? stupid its optical illusion that messes with your vision

i don't think i can spell either hahaha i meant 2 say ya'll Dam!! I think it makes u temporarily retarted too



This is sooo Stupid it doesnt even work!
if u want to be high go take drugs if u dont and u just want to sccrew up ur vision or cry watch this video!

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ghrftghtrh

awesome... although for me, it worked only for 10 seconds, and then everything was back to normal, but its a neat trick

this #$%@ is cool but weed is better

the keyboard is wiggly that i cant see the letters right-jsbncjbhvwhvdezdgs

the high is for sparta and.....stuff ... with a.. thing.. BIGGER!

Holy freakin crap. I was half asleep when I did this so i thought my vision screwed up...for about 3 seconds.

ooohhh daaaam.... errthang waz mad wavy n stuff. lub ith

That was awesome

Cool. It made my headache go away!

man it will work better if you were really high

That's not getting high. That is merely an optical illusion. When you look away you think you are seeing the same illusion. Getting high is much different than that.

oh my god! you guys are genius. when i looked away i started seeing everything getting smaller and moving like crazy.i was like laughing all the time. now i know how it feels like to get high


I was tripping major after I stared at this thing.

even aftr if i concentrated on 1 thing aftr the wayiness went away...i saw it again and i still am...thts #$%@ed up

try some of my drugs you wont like the video any more my stuff is the s***

Wow you guys lol. Whoever says this is anything like getting high need to try it yourselves. Getting high is like this for like 4 hours except many added effects and a lot more trippy. If you smoke enough you can even get hallucinations. Try the real thing then tell me it's the same. I laugh at some of your comments lol A lot of you seem cool xD

lol wow. dhat wusz tight. nuthn lyk bein high tho. but i saw dhat same pattern on myy door. 4 lyk 3 seconds nd it went away. it made myy eyes water 4rm starin so long lol

That was like playing geometry wars for to long then looking away, u get tracers for a sec and then its gone. Bet this works good on peeps who havent done drugs before tho!

you have to look at it too long...

@__@ holy shet it works. no brain cells have been harmed in the making of this video :D

I thought this thing was pretty cool, and to the guy who said were going to hell for liking this, the way we would go to hell for watching and this video is if we like it so much we shy away from god become seculler from getting a little 2 sec' buzz get the #*&# outta here! let he with out sin cast the first stone, guess ur' just callin the Kettel black Mr, Pot. F****** A** HOLE!

For this, this is what you call high?? In my adopted country, Cannada, this is called normal.

ammm it makes me high bt only fr a shrt time........

sleep deprivation will do, actually

it might just MIGHT be a good idea to put a seizure warning on this guys because believe me it will trigger one because it did me, yes i was stupid to watch it but try WARNING people too

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