How To: Easily roll a fat cigarette

Easily roll a fat cigarette

This video shows you how to roll a fat cigarette easily and inexpensively. The wrappers can be bought for about $2. 79 per 40 papers. Tobacco can vary. First, take out one paper from the pack, and roll it around a standard pen, not too tightly. Lick the paper and seal it before removing it from around the pen. Next, twist one end, about one/third inch wide. Pour out some tobacco onto a clean paper and fill the tube loosely, either by pouring it from the paper, or by hand. By hand may be easier. As the cigarette fills up, tap the tobacco down gently with another pen, until the cigarette tube is almost full, but not tightly packed. Thirdly, take another pen, using just the outer casing, and insert this into the end of the cigarette. Tape the two together well. Next, take the filter out of an old, used cigarette and insert this into the open end of the pen case. Finally, light the rolled end of the new cigarette and enjoy.

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