How To: Do hookah tobacco smoke tricks

Do hookah tobacco smoke tricks

Watch this how-to video and learn how to do some basic smoke tricks with the hookah. Do smoke rings, snap inhale, and dragon smoke or dragon force. Blow smoke out of your mouth in four directions, including your nose! This is a great tutorial video for hookah lovers.

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i love hookahs

you are a sick man not cuz this video cuz all those other videos PERVERT!

was that a #$%@in bong???

dude you take fatty ass rips show me how

that wasnt a bong ahaha its a hookah

what are you doing man hahahah
this called shesha man its middle eastern thing you can call it bong .

The French Inhale is simple. Take a hit without inhaling at first hold smoke in your mouth. Slowly push the smoke using your tongue out your mouth while inhaling with your nose depending on air flow you will have to inhale harder with the nose if alot of airflow. Looks awesome get alot of comments on it.

in the beggining 0:28 how did u do your nose and the mouth 4the smoke tocome out? i cant exhale 4rm my nose and mouth at the same time... so u can please message me back so u can tell me thanks.

what a #$%@ vid

iluvs me hooka
im only 13 and it was the first thing i evea smoked

yea that really tobacco in that hooka

wow! really hookah smoke tricks ?..........LAME!

speaking of hookah tricks check out the 2009 YouTube hookah tricks contest over at


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