How To: Cook with cannabis

Cook with cannabis

This video is about cooking with cannabis. Look through the marijuana and pick out any parts that you would not want to eat. Add your choice of cooking oil to the marijuana. If you want to use butter, melt the butter at a low temperature, then add the herb. Any kind of oil will work. Add enough oil to just cover the level of the cannabis and heat on a low temperature, stirring constantly. Use a candy thermometer to monitor the temperature. Make sure the tip of the candy thermometer is down into the oil and cannabis mixture, but not touching the bottom of the pan as you heat it. You do not want to heat the mixture above 350 degrees. You will want to cook the mixture for around 4 to 8 hours to extract the THC. When you are done the mixture will be dark and the marijuana will be like mush. Cool to handling temperature and strain the oil mixture through cheese cloth, pressing out all of the oil. Strain hard and discard the cannabis remaining. The oil is now ready for use. Use two times the quantity of oil called for in your favorite recipe for extra potency, using less water if needed. This works well for brownies.

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