How To: Check the progress of weed seeds at 1 and 2 weeks

Check the progress of weed seeds at 1 and 2 weeks

Watch this horticultural tutorial video to check the progress of the marijuana seeds after one week and again at two and a half weeks. Check out this award winning video that will help you grow your own marijuana plant. Whatever you may call it - the icky sticky, ganja, reefer, cannabis, pot, weed or maryjane, this marijuana growing video will help you cultivate your pot plants like a pro.

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i been plantin my seeds root first like an ass, i didnt know i had to plant the seed upwards..whut kind of soil and light do ya recomend?

same question

well i would recommend just regular potting soil with no nutrients or peat, mix 50/50 with perlite or vermiculite, but make sure you water it with the quick start mix, for indoor lighting use an HID (high intensity discharge) lamp for sprotlings use a blue spectrum bulb and when ready to bloom use a red spectrum bulb. when it grows you have to change your watering mix to contain more potassium than nitrogen for a better bloom

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